red eye

i really dislike Tuesday nights\Wednesday mornings. mainly because ill get little, or in this case, no sleep.
i hate color and design, its fucking annoying and pact full of work. i hate the fact that its at 830 in the fucking morning.
i hate the shitty work that i make in that class, its never good enough for me. i hate the fact that the paints cost a bloody fortune. i hate having to lug around so much shit every time i have to go to class. i hate the fact that i miss one class and i get way behind... i hate the fact the the damn birds out side have been chirping since 330 am, fucking birds.

sigh well at least i only have two more all nighters left before i hopefully i never have to take this fucking class again...
now to shower and go to class...bleh
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look mah no sleep!

bleh its 4 fn in the fn morning...i have to get up in two hours...some thing tells me im not gonna be sleeping tonight...
first all nighter ive pulled in a while, usually i mange to finish all my shit by 2 maybe 3 am. but not this time, i m not sure why this assignment gave me so much grief. its not to hard of an assignments at all, hell i was kinda eager to started when it was first assigned. i had all of spring break to do it and i didn't, i just couldn't concentrate on it, even today when i knew i had to finish it, i still kept walking away from it to do other things. it just didnt interest me much and for that it suffered alot. it looks like i vomited the paint on to it and then used a dead squire to wipe it... bleh
i think im gonna play me some games now, stupid color and design class, its can kiss my ass.
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IEEE 666!

so ive been pulling my hair out over the past 3 days trying to fix or at least figure out why my fire wire ports dont work at all. window recognizes it and list it in the device manager but nothing i plug in to it get recognized. now ive tried two different mother boards, same model and neither of them work. i also have a pci fire wire cad and same thing happens. its it not just on my machine its also happening on my sisters. now on my system its a fresh install of windows so im kinda out of ideas at the moment. I also checked the MSI page to see if they had any bios updates but its seams like i have the most resent one.
any help would be very very very VERY helpful.
everything else on my system works fine its just the fucking fire wire, which i need in order to hook up one of my drives as well as my camcorder. sigh im gonna go lie down and curl up in to a fetal position and cry.
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shes alive! shes alive! muhahahahaha!

yay chii is all up and running!
no problems at all, started up on the first boot with out any issue.
half life 2 looks oh so purdy!
to bad i gots to go to work now...really wana stay home and play some more with my chii

man using dual monitors is really gonna take some getting used to...i digg it tho.
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chii 2.0

building new computer in the next couple of ordering parts next week and heres what i got so far

AMD Athlond 64 X@ 3800+ manchester
OCZ 2GB (2x1GB) DDR400 RAM
MSI RD480 Neo2-FI mobo
Hiper Type-R 580w power supply
ATI Radeon X1800 512mb
and later a Western Digital Caviar RE2 400GB hard drive

that should be enough for now doncha think? ^_^
i can finally play battlefield 2 at a good frame rate
oh and half life 2 with all the pretty set to high xD

see mouse i almost beat you at having my machine up and running before you and david =p
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not my week

well shit.
first my mp3 player goes and dies on me and now chii's cpu fall down go big boom.
technology hates me now.
sigh well its only a month or two till i build me my new system.
till then ill just have to keep "borrowing" my sis cpu and ram ^_^
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sniff sniff my jukebox is dead.
i am with out portable tunes...poo
stupid hd had to go and die ans stupid cheap soldiering iron for burring my finger.
sigh now i have to look for a new player thats cheap and hopefully over 30 gigs
i shall not buy a pod
i shall not buy a pod
i shall not buy a pod
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viva la procrastination!

arg i hate finals, so much work so little much lack of naked people to draw for anatomy final!
lets see 3 rough drafts dues this week, 3 final projects due next week as well as a final test in a class im failing...i have a love/hate relationship with history...i loves to hate me.
hmmm i should probably stop playing halo and get some work done soon....
well half an hour has gonna by and im still not working...
hee hee drunk people playing halo on xbox live are amusing sometimes...
damn the interweb being distracting with its many distractions...
fuck it im going to bed...
fuck i still need to figure out what to do with my anatomy final...shit, correction, fucking shit!
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